Boxing Day

People often ask me how ask me what I do for food on the trail.  When I am home in Portland I eat a very strict and healthily diet – no gluten, no refined sugar, grass feed meat, organic fruits and vegetables, ect.  However, when I am on the trail anything goes!  I am always on the hunt for food with the highest calorie to weight ratio.  I am going to consume approximately 4000 calories a day when hiking.  So food that packs a lot of calories that does not weight a lot is desired the most.  On the ODT I am leaving behind my stove to save additional weight and the headache of finding fuel along the way.  Additional benefits are that you don’t need water to cook.  You save time not having to prepare your food and lastly you do not need to clean up afterwards.   You also do not attract wildlife (bears) to your camp spot looking for a meal.  The down side is you are limited to what you can eat and you run the risk of getting tired of the food you are eating on the trail.  This happened to me while I was hiking the PCT.  Lucky, the ODT is about a 6 week hike so I should just about be sick and tired of peanut butter and tortilla shells for lunch and dinner when I arrive into Owyhee State Park.

For the ODT I will be resupplying in the following towns:

  • Paisley, OR
  • Plush, OR
  • Frenchglen, OR
  • Fields, OR
  • Denio, NV
  • McDermitt, NV
  • Rome, OR

The length between towns is average of 4 days and up to 6 days from McDermitt to Rome.  Below is a photo of my resupply boxes that will be mailed ahead of me awaiting my arrival in the towns above.


Boxing Day


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