Caches are Placed. The Adventure Begins Tomorrow!

My friend Dave and I spent the last two days driving 750+ miles around SE Oregon placing water and food caches along the ODT route. We saw a lot of country in a short amount of time. I am looking forward to hiking the route and taking it in at a slower pace than 70 miles per hour.

The desert is very green right now. I wonder how long that will last before it turns brown for the rest of the summer. I have attached a few photos from the last couple of days.

I am finishing up my last second preparations here in Bend and then I start the journey early tomorrow morning. I will update this blog when I get into towns with cell coverage. If the last two days where a precursor to what I am about to experience, I will have no cell signal at all.

Finally, I am so stoked to start hiking. It has been almost two years in the making. These next 40 days will be worth all the effort and months of preparation. Now all I can ask for is mother natures cooperation and delivery some nice weather while I am in the wilderness.

Enjoy the journey!






2 thoughts on “Caches are Placed. The Adventure Begins Tomorrow!

  1. Thinking bout you Shaners! The office isn’t the same without you. I hope the first days have been awesome. Looking forward to your next post!
    Megs 🙂

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